Tempering Leeds

Tempering is a heat treatment process used to improve the toughness of metals. Metal hardening processes such as this are used to impart specific properties on to a component to ensure that it is fit for use in its chosen application.

The process of tempering is conducted at low temperature. Tempering is performed after quench hardening to reduce any excess hardness. It removes the brittleness of the components which result from quenching, making it more ductile and altering the physical or mechanical properties. Tempering is carried out to create the right balance of hardness, toughness and strength, or to reduce the brittleness of hardened steels. The aim is to be left with a component metal with the right properties of hardness, toughness and strength necessary for the application.

Do you require tempering treatments for use in your application?

At Huyton Heat Treatments we provide high quality heat treatment services to clients in Leeds and the surrounding areas for use in multiple applications. We can answer any technical concerns you may have, from choosing the design to the choosing of materials and appropriate treatments.

For all your tempering needs, the team at Huyton Heat Treatments will be able to help.