Vaccum Hardening

Huyton Heat Treatment also carry out this process in our range of furnaces.This process involves heating up components in a vaccum controlled atmosphere and then fast cooling them under Nitrogen gas with positive pressure.This is usually carried out in a temperature range of 750 Deg c to 1300 deg c.800kg batches per furnaces can be turned around within 2-3 days.

The parts are then tempered back from what is now their hardest state.This must be done quickly to prevent possible cracking due to the stresses in the material after hardening.

Vacum Heat Treatment has many advantages.These include the following:

Types of steels used for this process include BD2,H13,2767,2344,2083,EN24 and High speed steels such as M2,ASP23 etc.

Sub Zero treatments are also available which further alter the structural properties of the material.Please ask a member of staff.

Vacum Hardening from Servis
Vacum Hardening from Servis